Thursday, 29 November 2012

No thanks, I'm washing... hair.

 When I have the time, I rather like to experiment with natural alternatives when I'm washing my hair. Egg works pretty well as a shampoo, although you have to be prepared to rinse it really thoroughly with almost cold water to avoid the 'scramble' ( so not an option during the colder months! ). I've used herbs steeped in boiling water to make a rinse, and likewise lemon juice and skins. I gave bicarbonate of soda a try as a shampoo, and found that effective. However, most of the time I settle for a quick wash with a pretty basic, supermarket own brand shampoo, and a dollop of cheap conditioner. Occasionally, I develop a bit of a flakey scalp, and when that happens I switch to a baby shampoo for a while, which clears it up nicely. I don't really use any other products on my hair, except maybe some warm olive oil for a deep conditioning treatment now and again.

 My daughter, on the other hand, sees my tendency to wash my hair with food stuff as yet more evidence of my general, all round freakiness. She suffers with a sensitive, easily irritated and flakey scalp, which anti dandruff shampoo only makes worse. Baby shampoo is reasonably effective for her, but E45 shampoo is by far the best she has tried. It is, sadly, rather expensive. Paying nearly a fiver for a bottle of shampoo really makes me wince! But, it is a price I'm willing to pay. I'd rather spend more on something that works really well, than waste money on something which is going to fail. Also, I keep my eyes open for any special offers that reduce the cost. Boots sometimes have deals on for advantage card holders. They had 20% off all shampoos one day, so I picked up three or four bottles. On another occasion, they were offering an extra 25 points when you bought hair care products, so I picked up a couple then, too. My daughter only really uses conditioner on the ends of her long hair, so I'm only willing to provide the fairly average conditioner I buy for myself. If she wants something more glamorous, then she has to stump up for it herself, and sometimes she does.

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