Friday, 28 December 2012

Back in the saddle....

...return to frugality.

 By many people's standards, my Christmas is pretty frugal, but I feel that I feast and celebrate and enjoy myself thoroughly. I am still eating my way through treats and gifts (Christmas cake is a viable breakfast option in December, right?), but eventually they will run out and it will be back to the frugal life for me.

 I have a goal in mind. My daughters bedroom DESPERATELY needs replastering. This isn't cheap, and is way beyond my skills. I have given myself three months to save up enough to pay for it. Now, bearing in mind I often end the month with nothing left to spare, this is a pretty humongous challenge. But, I have to do, and necessity can be a pretty good motivator.

 I've been searching the Internet today, for both ideas and inspiration. I need to psych myself up for the next three months, give myself a mental shake and focus on what needs to be done. One of my favourite frugal websites is Whenever the frugal road seems hard and grim, a glance at this site cheers me up no end. Yes, it offers great advice. Yes, it has some tasty and reliable recipes. Yes, it has encouraging articles to read. But none of those things are why I like it so much. You see, it is just BEAUTIFUL to look at. The photography is gorgeous. The simplest, cheapest of meals are served on pretty plates, garnished with a sprig of herbs. Each glass of water is made beautiful with a petal, or a slice of lemon. The whole site is a delight to look at and a powerful, visual reminder that frugal doesn't have to be ugly, or grey or depressing. It makes me realise that it doesn't cost a fortune to make life pretty, and suddenly the frugal life doesn't seem so hard.


  1. I like the Prudent Homemaker website too! Such a beautiful website. Best of luck reaching your goal of replastering your daughter's bedroom. You can do it, and we'll be here cheering you on. :)

  2. Hi Andrea, thanks for dropping by my blog. I will pop over to the prudent homemaker to have a look. Happy New Year x