Tuesday, 25 December 2012


 One of the nicest things about the Christmas feast is the promise of leftovers still to come! I try not to cook too many veg, as I know that these can end up being wasted, but I make an exception for roast potatoes. My daughter loves them, and for breakfast every Boxing Day she tucks into a plateful of roasties, and some warmed up gravy. Not everyone's idea of a perfect breakfast, but she loves it!

 We had three meats for lunch - a turkey breast, a joint of beef and a ginger glazed ham. Again, I don't buy huge quantities, but I do have plenty of leftovers. First, all three are sliced up, cold, as part of an assortment of nibbles for tea. The ham will all go, it is just delicious! The turkey will be used up in turkey and stuffing sandwiches over the next couple of days, but the beef was unlikely to be used up any time soon so I sliced it, wrapped it in tin foil and froze it. It will make a nice, easy meal one evening heated up in some gravy.

 We served quite a number of desserts today. The trifle and the tiramisu will be eaten over the next couple of days, but I have plans for the Christmas pud. I shall have a go at making Nigella's Christmas puddini truffles to take with me to a friends house on the 27th.

 Tomorrow we will spend the afternoon at my mums house, where she will no doubt lay on a buffet. Then, we are off to a friends house to enjoy their Boxing Day bubble and squeak. On the 27th, we will be going into town to spent a bit of Christmas money in the sales, then off to another friends house. On the 28th, it is my oldest friends birthday, and we are invited to her house for dinner, so I don't expect to be cooking another proper meal until the 30th! A real bonus after all the effort that went into preparing Christmas dinner.

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