Thursday, 7 February 2013

London, baby!

Next week will be half term, and yesterday my husband announced that he was taking us on a trip to London!
We are travelling down on Tuesday, setting off very early in the morning, and arriving at lunch time. We are taking the Mega Bus, which is actually only a bus for part of the journey. You then get off the bus and get onto a train for the rest of the trip. It does take longer than just the train, but it costs considerably less. We are then spending Tuesday night at a hotel near the O2 arena, and travelling back home on Wednesday afternoon.

 Our budget is fairly tight. We really enjoy eating out, and don't want to skimp on that aspect of the trip. My husband will check on line for any special offers at restaurants we like, such as Yo Sushi, and a really good deal might influence our decisions on where to eat. We will also be taking plenty of pack up to eat on the journey down to London, and we will be taking full advantage of breakfast at the hotel!

 We can't afford to spend much on entrance fees to attractions, nor do I consider trailing around shops a good time. Personally, I could spend all day looking around the Natural History museum, but I've taken my daughter there so often I think she might rebel! We have never been to the Museum of London, and that looks like it might be worth seeing.

 If the weather was better, then we would take some skates and roll around Hyde Park, but I think that in February we shall need plenty of indoor activities!

 If anyone has any suggestions for activities that might be fun for me, my husband and my teenage daughter, then I would love to hear them!


  1. Andrea, if you are all OK with heights then have a look at the London Cablecar - I blogged about it a while back here> (Scroll down a little) - it's the most fantastic way of crossing the river, and if you're staying near the O2 then it's on the doorstep. It's also very cheap - you will no doubt be using Oyster cards to travel about in any case and these give you a well-priced ticket on the cablecar.

    Have a look at this website: for some great offers that might be useful, too.

    The Museum of London is wonderful - my absolute favourite London museum! I often pop in if I'm passing the area just for a wander.

    Have a fantastic time!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Robyn, sounds like great fun!

  3. Other free places to go: The British Library; the Wellcome collection; the National Portrait Gallery. St Pauls is mostly free, but you have to pay to go in the Crypt.

    Great what's on guide here:

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Donna. Didn't make it to the British Library this time, but it's on the list!