Monday, 18 February 2013

Never say no... a freebie.

 Went round to visit my mum after work this evening, and she had a few items that she wondered if I would like. First, a couple of men's rugby shirts. Mum is a huge rugby fan, and loves buying souvenir  shirts. However, she is my weightwatcher buddy, and many of them are now far too big. These two had been worn maybe twice at most, and if I hadn't taken them, they would have gone in the bin. They will probably fit my husband, but if not, I will ale them to the charity shop. She also offered me a shopping bag on wheels. I already have a shopping trolley (a fantastically retro orange creation, which I love), and I almost said no thanks. Then I remembered that my lodger, a primary school teacher, regularly lugs huge bags and boxes of planning and books to mark home with her, and I realised that the bag on wheels would be perfect for her.

I am always thrilled when people offer me their unwanted items, and I almost always say yes. If I cannot use them myself, then I pass them on to people who can. Many years ago, I worked at a night shelter for homeless people, and I've kept in touch with various organisations that work in that sector, so I can often pass on household items to someone who really needs them.

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