Monday, 11 March 2013

What I will be eating this week...

This month I decided to split my £200 monthly grocery budget into four, and shop in different ways each week. I thought it would be fun (maybe I need to get out more!). So last week, I did all my shopping at the local shops within walking distance of my home. It was a huge success. I stayed within budget, and was able to buy a good variety of good quality, reasonably priced food.
 This weekend, though, I was insanely busy, and had to leave the shopping in the hands of my husband. He was a bit nervous about it, actually. He's a capable man, but just doesn't have any experience of shopping for a whole week, because that is usually my responsibility. I put the £50 into an envelop, and on it gave him a rough outline of the things we would need. He dropped me and our daughter at the train station at 6.30am, and went straight from there to the nearest 24hour supermarket. He did a great job, and only exceeded the budget by 12p. He bought a good deal more meat than I usually would, and a bit less fruit and veg, but there's enough for us to get by on.

So, this week, I am planning our meals around what he bought.

This evening my daughter and I will be having dinner with my mum. My husband won't be in until later, and can have pasta and pesto, with some nice olives and capers. I will have some ladies around for a bible study and prayer group, so if I have time I will whip up a few quick, simple muffins to serve as snacks.

I shall put a small chicken into the slow cooker before I leave for work, and I will serve this with new potatoes and vegetables.

The chicken will provide enough for two meals. I might chop up leftover chicken and vegetables and mix it with a white sauce. I can top this with sliced, leftover potatoes, and reheat it in the oven.

I won't be home from work until about 8-30pm, so I shall make use of the slow cooker again to provide a quick and easy meal for my husband and daughter. I will put a piece of gammon into the slow cooker in the morning before I leave for work, and it will be delicious by dinner time. That can be served with salad and crusty bread. The remaining ham can be used for sandwiches.

I haven't planned a particular meal. Friday is usually when we use up and odds and ends from the freezer, or have beans or egg on toast.

This plans means that the minced beef and the pack of stewing steak that my husband bought have not yet been used. They can used next week instead :-)


  1. Hi,

    Use my slow Cooker when working late, it's so nice to come home to a hot, cooked dinner.

    frugal in bucks blog, pop by if you like.

  2. What a fun approach.

    And well done to your hubby.

    Sft x