Monday, 21 January 2013

Reusable toilet cloths...

...a step to far???

 I've seen a few stories on the Internet about people who have entirely eliminated disposable paper products from their lives, including toilet paper. Instead, they use 'family cloths', which they use then launder in the same way you might wash a babies nappies. Although I might admire their frugal and Eco credentials, I'm certain that this is not for me. The ewwww factor is just too high.

 However, I don't use very many paper products. When I was a child, all our old t-shirts, sheets and even pants, once they reached the end of their useful life,were cut up and used as cleaning rags. This is something I have started doing too. Without the pants, though! The rags can be used as dish cloths, floor cloths, for leaning the bathroom and for wiping up spills around the house. I used to spend money on disposable wipes for cleaning the kitchen, and on paper kitchen role, but now I use the rags instead.

 I don't use paper napkins, I have cloth ones instead (bought from a charity shop).

 I very rarely use paper plates, only when I host large numbers of guests, when I consider the cost of convenience a price I'm willing to pay.


  1. Oh dear me no - definitely too much ewww factor there for me, too! I use cheap microfibre cloths (Bought 4 for £1) for cleaning, and they get used, and washed, and used and washed.....! We also salvage suitable old clothes into cloths, too. We do buy and use Kitchen paper, but not anything like as often as we used to, and paper plates are only used if we're out and about and eating in the car, or in hotel rooms.

  2. Hmm, I have to say that if I lived alone I would consider doing this,with a toilet roll in situ for guests.I don't see it as any different to using flannels to change a baby, you'd only use a cloth once then put it for washing.It would even be beneficial to us here as the toilet paper isn't that great for the septic tank anyway.
    I already use microfibre cloths,knitted dishcloths cloth napkins,and knitted facecloths, but Sophie insists on using a scrunchie thing in the shower and occasionally brings home a kitchen roll. It is awkward when other people in the household do not have the same ideals as yourself and you have to make compromises on where to draw the line.

  3. No definately not for me either. Love my soft toilet roll too much! We use micro cloths for cleaning and cut up t shirts and towels for dirty cleaning and outside jobs, paper plates hardly ever get used and I have cloth napkins. It happily works for us.