Sunday, 20 January 2013

It still feels a bit like Christmas... least, in my house it does.

 There is something about snow that always seems a bit Christmassy, I think, and in recent days I have found myself tempted to get the Elf DVD out. However, I've resisted. Instead, I've been using up some Christmas foods.

 On Christmas Day I sliced up the roast beef and froze it, thinking that it would make a nice easy meal one day. This morning before church I took it out to defrost, and prepared some veg to go with it. We don't usually have a roast dinner on. Sunday. My husband is a Pastor, so Sundays are most definitely not a day of rest, and there isn't usually time to cook a roast. I was glad that I had prepared a substantial meal, though, especially as my husband invited one of the interns from church home for lunch.

 So the sliced beef went into the oven, covered in gravy, to heat through, while the potatoes boiled for mash, the carrots and butternut squash roasted in the oven, and the cabbage cooked in the steamer. It took about forty minutes from walking though the door to sitting down to eat - not too bad, I thought.

I didn't really have a proper dessert to serve, but some chocolates and biscuits left over from Christmas  and enjoyed with coffee after the meal seemed to leave everyone happy enough.

 I was really pleased to be able to dish up a good meal quickly, easily and frugally, using leftovers and fresh veg, for both my family and an unexpected guest.

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