Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fresh and Fruity...

...that's the name of my local green grocers, isn't it a great name? I like to buy my fruit and veg there for a number of reasons. First, I like to support local, independent business. My own little town has a number of empty shops that just never seem to be filled, and if I don't use the shops that are there, then I expect I will loose them too. Secondly, the fruit and veg there is always good quality. I might not be able to get all the exotic varieties that a supermarket can offer, but I know that there is a quick turnover of stock and that it is all fresh. Thirdly, I can save money shopping there. The prices of most things are at least comparable to ordinary supermarket prices, and I can buy exactly what I need, thus avoiding waste. Each day the staff at the shop pick out any items that are a bit bruised or ripe and need using quickly, and bag them up into mixed bags which they sell off very cheaply. These can be really good value.

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