Saturday, 16 February 2013

And with the rest of the chick peas...

...I made falafel.

I had cooked up a bag full of dried chick peas to make the hummus. I bagged up enough for a future bowl of hummus, and popped that in the freezer. That left me with about two bigs mugs full of chick peas, and I decided to use them to make falafel. I've no idea if my recipe is authentic, but it is simple, frugal and tasty.

The chick peas went into the processor, along with a large onion that I had chopped and fried, a generous couple of spoons of cumin, about the same amount of dried coriander. If I had any fresh coriander or parsley, I would have put that in, but I didn't. A clove of garlic and a couple of eggs went in next, and then it was all whizzed up to combine.

I put the mixture in the fridge to firm up, then when it was ready I shaped it into little patties, and shallow fried them until golden. I left the falafel to cool, then bagged them up and froze them. They reheat really well in the oven, but I will probably use them for packed lunches next week. With a pitta bread, a bit of salad and maybe some hummus, they will be really nice. Actually, I love them served with a dollop of good old fashioned English chutney.

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