Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fishnet stockings, aramanth biscuits and abduction...

...or in other words, a trip to my local library. I love my library. It's not very big or fancy, but its friendly, and they make every effort to organise various community events like book clubs (for kids, teens and adults), knitting groups, IT support, family history research days, etc, etc. when I popped in last night there was someone from the council discussing some planning issues with an elderly couple. But I wasn't there for any special event, I was just taking advantage of one of their late nights to pop in and borrow some books. I hadn't been in for a few weeks, and it was one of those occasions when there were loads of books I fancied reading. So, I came home with... 3 cookbooks (one by Tom Parker Bowles, the Bake Off Showstopper book, and one about natural super foods) An autobiography called 'Abode of Love' about growing up in a religious cult Have A Little Faith, by Mitch Albom (I haven't read any of his non-fiction before, so I'm looking forward to this) Girl, Missing by Sophie Mckenzie (its a kids book, but I'm a teacher, so that's my excuse) A trilogy of memoirs by Margaret Walker. In the book shop, I probably wouldn't have bought any of these, but borrowing from the library means you can try things that you are unsure about. I've discovered lots of great authors in the library, and have gone on to purchase many of their books, but borrowing first helps avoid costly mistakes - and my budget doesn't have room for mistakes!

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