Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hiding the rocket...

...on the way to school.

 When I was a child, I don't remember much about Bonfire night. I'm sure we had fireworks in the garden, but the only time I can remember is when a poorly fixed Catherine wheel escaped from the fence and flew across the garden. My mum probably spent a lot of money on fireworks over the years, but I don't remember.

 What I do remember is that when my Auntie walked me to school in the days following Bonfire night, we would often come across spent fireworks lying in the path. We used to psh them into a make shift hiding place, like under a pile of leaves, and then see how long they could remain undisturbed. Each morning and afternoon, we would walk past and check the hiding place. Once, the firework stayed there until school broke up for Christmas - a record!

 I cannot remember why we did this, but I certainly remember it. Looking back, my most cherished memories are of times like that, times spent with family or friends. I wonder what my daughter will remember? And I wonder if she will realise that the most precious things in life don't cost a penny.

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