Friday, 16 November 2012

Frugal happiness...

...from this week.

 Monday was my daughters birthday. Our house was filled with family and friends all evening, sharing simple, tasty food, and far too many doughnuts. Cards and gifts were given, but the most precious thing was the love and care that surrounded my daughter. She is not loud, or pushy, but open and genuine, and delights in making friends, and on Monday evening lots of those friends went out of their way to show her how special she is to them.

 On Tuesday afternoon my school got 'the call' - inspection Wednesday and Thursday. Not fun for any teacher, but the high points were; Dunkirk spirit amongst the staff, pupils who made every effort to make a great impression, good friends who instantly offered to feed myself and my family, so I wouldn't have to bother with cooking (and served the most wonderful comfort food!), and that wonderful feeling of relief when it was all over!

 The cutest guinea pig ever, pop-Corning around his cage in excitement while I fed him carrot sticks.

 My two lovely dogs, jumping on the bed for a cuddle.

 Finding bags of corn for popping on sale at my local co-op for 20p each, and big bags of dried soya beans for just 40p each.

 Sitting in a comfy chair, in a warm house, with a cup of tea, and the knowledge that I have the weekend to spend with my family.

Happy! X

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