Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How far that little candle...

...throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.

 I really like to have candles burning at home, especially at Christmas time, and now that there are no small children in the house I don't worry too much about the safety aspect. A big package of tea lights really doesnt cost much, but can contribute a lot to the ambience of a room.

 I don't really own many proper candle sticks, but I've made a lot. Little empty jam jars look pretty, and so do simple glasses. I've used empty tin cans too, sometimes with holes punched into them. I have a couple of old saucers that I use too.

 You can turn glasses or jars upside down to stand pillar candles on.

 Sometimes I buy taper candles, if they are cheap, but I don't have any proper holders for them. So I fill the glasses, cans and jars with something to support the candles, and poke them in. I've used sand, gravel, rice, cous cous and cat litter!

 I always try to group candles together. Different sizes look really effective together - the more the merrier!


  1. I like to stand them on old CDs- that protects the surface underneath and reflects the light

  2. First time (I think) commenting. Have 3 wick vanilla scented candle burning now ;o). Personally, I don't like the tapers. Maybe because we're not formal ever, and tapers say "formal" to me? Tea lights, votives, pillars and jar candles abound here. Nice post.

  3. Tea lights! You've reminded me - that was something to go on the christmas list!
    One word of caution - if burning candles straight onto any surface, or CD's etc, you must keep an eye for them burning too low - this is an incredibly common cause of housefires, sadly.