Friday, 26 October 2012

Things to do when you're broke...

...and bored, and its cold and wet outside!

 Master the art of Origami. Google will offer you a huge range of sites giving instructions, from the most basic to the most complex. All you need is some paper, and this could be pages torn from old magazines, catalog use, junk mail etc. depending on the dexterity of your child, this could be a suitable activity for all ages from about seven or eight years up.

 Wrap up warm, and go visit the nearest library. I can pass a very happy half hour (or more!) choosing books to take home. I can try books that I would never normally buy, because I'm not spending any money on them. If I hate them, I've lost nothing. If I enjoy them, I may have found a new favourite author. My daughter is a bit too old for most of the kids activities on offer at our local library, but when she was younger we went along to all the free craft and story activities they offered.  
She also thoroughly enjoyed choosing a big pile of books to take home. My local library has a fairly limited selection of DVDs, CDs and audio books, but I have borrowed a number of them, completely free of charge.

 Have a pamper session, using items you already own. Warm up a little olive oil (or plain old vegetable oil) and massage it into your hair and scalp. Wrap your head in cling film, then a warm towel. Leave it for ten-fifteen minutes, then shampoo it away. Make yourself a face pack out of some natural yogurt mixed with oats, ora mashed up banana. Lay back and relax with slices of cucumber on your eyes for ten minutes, then rinse of the face pack. Use an old pair of tights, or a dish cloth, or a square of muslin if you're the kind of person who has squares of muslin to hand, to fasten up a few scoops of oats. Run a bath, and let the oats soak in there (very good for dry skin). Take a look on YouTube for make up tutorials, and use the make up you already own to get the 'look' of a particular celebrity.

 Share you skills/ talents and make your own YouTube film! Show other people how to bake a cake, introduce them to your pet hamster, talk them through how you have organised your sock drawer, sing them a song, whatever you like!!!

 Clear out your junk drawer.

 Make a list of who you will send Christmas cards to, and start making them.

 Play a board game.

 Invite your friends round to play board games with you. Serve tea and toast to snack on. If they offer to bring snacks, or wine, let them!

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