Friday, 26 October 2012

Snug as a bug... my warm cosy bed.

 Growing up, we had no heating at all upstairs. Bathing was a hasty business in cold weather, and no one lingered for long on the loo either! Downstairs, the lounge had underfloor heating, and on really cold nights we would sometimes 'camp' downstairs rather that face the frosty bedrooms.

 In my house now we have radiators in all the rooms upstairs, but very rarely turn the ones in the bedroom on. Our house is pretty well insulated, with double glazing, and just doesn't get all that cold, most of the time. Also, the hot water tank is in one bedroom, and hot water pipes run through the other, and heat up both rooms quite significantly. I prefer a slightly cooler bedroom, so I'm happy without the heating on. I do like to be nice and cosy in bed though, and there are a number of frugal ways that I achieve this.

1. I don't expect to be able to sit around my house in shorts and a t-shirt in December, and I don't expect to go to bed wearing next to nothing either! I love my pyjamas, and I'm always really happy to receive more for Christmas or my birthday. A pair of socks helps too, and if I need to put an extra t-shirt on under my pjs then I will. When we go camping I take a fleece hat to wear in bed. I've never actually needed to wear one at home, but I suppose I could! Warming up any bed clothes before you put them on is a good idea, either by putting them on one of the radiators downstairs for a bit, or wrapping them around a hot water bottle.

2. I use as many quilts and blankets as I need to to keep warm. My daughter sleeps in a single bed, but has a double quilt so that she can wrap herself up. Single quilts leave too many gaps and drafts!

3. I try and make sure that I'm warm before I get into bed. A bath warms me up quickly if I am cold, and then I can dry quickly and jump into bed. A warm drink before bed helps too.

4. Hot water bottles are great. But don't stop at one. We own four altogether, and on really cold nights I put them all into my daughters bed half an hour before she turns in. I wrap them up in her pyjamas and bed socks, so that they are nice and warm to put on.

5. I must confess that I really, really, really love my electric blanket. I turn it on five minutes or so before I get into bed, and only leave it on for ten minutes or so once I get in, but it makes such a difference!

6. You really can't beat another person in the bed with you to share body heat! A hug from my husband is worth a dozen electric blankets! And a dog or two laying across your feet certainly keeps them warm, although being unable to move is a bit of a downside ;-)

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