Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Making the most of...

...what you have.

 A few days ago I was mooching about the local Co-op, looking for any price reductions. Down the freezer aisle I came across a half price BBQ pack, containing sausages, burgers and BBQ chicken wings. Original price £5, I paid £2.50. Well, it certainly isn't BBQ weather, but I knew I didn't have to BBQ them!

 I served up burgers in homemade bread rolls for tea on Saturday evening, topped with onions, and a bit of salad. They weren't the greatest burgers ever, but they were tasty and didn't shrink much. My daughter was thrilled - for some reason she always seems thrilled when we are eating actual meat, as opposed to quorn or lentils. I don't think I use lentils that often, but maybe I do....!

 Some of the sausages made a hearty Sunday morning breakfast for my daughter and my husband, and then most of the rest went for sausage, mash and veg for tea on Monday. I was left with one sausage remaining. I could have just served it up on Monday, but I didn't, and used it instead for my daughters breakfast on Tuesday. One sausage, a couple of mushrooms and a slice of bread. Just enough for a breakfast.

 The chicken wings made an appearance for tea last night, with rice and cabbage stir fried with one Nigella seeds.  I cooked some extra rice, and mixed it up with a little leftover bit of honey and mustard salad dressing. Some chopped up cucumber went in. If I'd had more salad stuff, I would have used it, but I didn't so I made do with just cucumber. There was a bit of cooked chicken in the freezer, not really enough to fill a sandwich, but enough to add taste and protein to the salad. I thought it could use a bit more crunch and texture, so some peanuts went in next. That is my husbands packed lunch for today. He gets fed up of sandwiches, but his office doesn't have a microwave at the moment so I cannot sent leftovers from dinner, which he would prefer.

 I still have two burgers left. I think I'll use them tonight. I've made a great big pot of bean and pasta soup, flavoured with rosemary (a gift from a lady at my weightwatchers class) and bay leaves (from the garden). It smelled amazing while it was cooking last night, I cannot wait to eat it for diner tonight. However, my husband really doesn't consider soup to be a 'proper' dinner. I hope that if I serve it alongside a beef burger in a bun he will think its substantial enough. I have a few apples that need using, so maybe I will make a little apple crumble for pudding. Surely no one could grumble about a meal like that!

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