Thursday, 25 October 2012

How can I help....

...when I have so little to give?

 One of the struggles of living on a really tight budget is feeling unable to help others. It is really difficult to see people in need and no that there is literally no wriggle room in the budget from which to give. But there are ways to help. Here are a couple of ideas...

 Give things you no longer need to charity shops. As my daughter has grown out of clothes, shoes, toys, books etc we have been able to pass them on to charity shops. Very close to us is a charity shop which supports a local hospice. I may not have spare cash to donate to the hospice, but I know that they can use my donations to raise money. I was given lots of clothes recently, but some of them didn't fit or were not my style, so I donated them. I don't like clutter or 'stuff', so I often have a few bits to take to the charity shop.

 Last year I helped my daughter organise a coffee morning to raise money for an amazing charity that  helps children in Colombia. We served tea, coffee, juice and hot chocolate, along with 3 or 4 varieties of home made cakes. We probably didn't spend more than £10 altogether. We invited friends to come along, and to make any donation they wished. Lots of people came, and we all enjoyed a lovely, relaxed time. When we emptied the money box at the end of the day, we had raised more than £50!

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